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Welcome to a new experience in medical Healthcare!
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Why Should I See a Family Doctor?


Epical HealthMed is offering a new model of patient care service at home, with our extensive experience in the health system, by having the latest technology and a team of professionals delivering unique and important services for all our members in their own space.

  • No initial medical exam to start coverage.
  • No pre-existing conditions affect your affiliation.
  • Unlimited use of service.
  • No age restriction to be affiliated.
  • And Much More!…


Epical HealthMed is an innovated supplemental service to your Healthcare insurance, if you have insurance, or your complete primary care service for those who do not have access to Healthcare insurance.

With membership, the affiliates have regular checkups, home visits, urgent care visits, preventive Healthcare screening and Healthcare provider appointments in less than 24 hours, with no waiting time, and without feeling rushed during the visit while receiving the highest care of medicine.


Welcome to a new alternative and innovative experience in medical Healthcare! Epical HealthMed(EHM) is a concierge Healthcare service in the comfort of home.

Epical HealthMed alleviates the burden that the health system and government has imposed on our nation by presenting Epical HealthMed as new concept of concierge medicine.

We offer the highest quality Healthcare in the comfort of your home, understanding the inconvenience of having to go to the physician’s office or clinic; instead, we take our office to the patient’s location of preference,within a radius of 50 miles from where the contract is signed in the United States.

Your primary care physician