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About Us

Welcome to a new alternative and innovative experience in medical Healthcare! Epical HealthMed(EHM) is a concierge Healthcare service in the comfort of home.

Epical HealthMed understands that, nowadays, the new government’s regulations and Healthcare systems are generally forcing physicians to see more and more patients, not only the waiting time at the physician’s office is insupportable, but also may compromise the quality of care. Scheduling appointments in a timely manner has become a major challenge.

Consequently, Epical HealthMed alleviates the burden that the health system and government has imposed on our nation by presenting Epical HealthMed as new concept of concierge medicine.

We offer the highest quality Healthcare in the comfort of your home, understanding the inconvenience of having to go to the physician’s office or clinic; instead, we take our office to the patient’s location of preference,within a radius of 50 miles from where the contract is signed in the United States.

Epical HealthMed is a for profit organization with a strong social commitment to excellent service to the community where we operate. We are deeply committed to our mission “Be the best option for patients, providing the highest quality of care; equally to everyone”.

Epical HealthMed works as a supplemental service provider, and does not participate with any of the commercial health insurance or government sponsored Healthcare insurance. However, Epical HealthMed delivers the highest care of medical treatmentat at your most convenient and desired location.

We have a strong commitment to recruit the most esteemed physicians, board certified by American Board of Medical Specialties and Advanced Practitioners with a solid experience in Healthcare. The credentialing process is rigorous and thorough to ensure the Healthcare that our members deserve.

Be the best option for patients through providing the highest quality of care equally to everyone.
Provide the highest quality of care everywhere we are.
Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Empowerment, and Innovation.