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We are aware that you, as our client, have many choices in terms of medical care service. However, because of new government regulations and Healthcare systems in general; the clinics, emergency rooms (ERs) and hospitals are normally packed and you typically spend a significant amount of hours in a waiting room, and subsequently being seen for less than five minutes by a health provider. This all adds up, for you, to significant frustration and dissatisfaction.

For this reason, Epical HealthMed is offering a new model of patient care service at home, with our extensive experience in the health system, by having the latest technology and a team of professionals delivering unique and important services for all our members in their own space. Epical HealthMed is designed for those patients who want to receive treatment with highest quality of care, on their own time schedule and place of service.


  • No initial medical exam to start coverage.
  • No pre-existing conditions affect your affiliation.
  • Unlimited use of service.
  • No age restriction to be affiliated.
  • Visits made by special Healthcare provider and nursing personnel with extensive experience in emergency and pediatric care.
  • Emergency exams at home with specialized equipment.
  • Respiratory treatment at home.
  • IV treatment home.
  • Second opinion to assist members in making informed decisions about their own health.
  • Home visit at flexible times.
  • Time spent with member is not rushed during the visit.
  • Immediate prescription(s) sent to any pharmacy.
  • Health education manageable all the time.
  • Prevention of illness with affordable treatments.
  • Same day appointment with EHM Healthcare provider.
  • Social workers assist the member on Healthcare coverage options.
  • Minor urgent care visit at home.
  • Affordable membership with tiered levels of service.
  • Video conference with EHM Health provider.


  • Exceptional medical care by board certified with American Board of Medical Specialties and Advanced Practitioners with a solid experience in Healthcare.
  • Annual comprehensive physical exam.
  • 24/7 access to EHM Healthcare provider by phone or email.
  • Limited total patient membership to maintain a high level of attention.
  • IV treatment home.
  • For seasonal members, we offer coordination of care with out-of-state and out-country physicians located at your primary place of residence.
  • Gathering medical records for unification of member files.
  • Continuum care visit.
  • Coordinated care with other Healthcare specialist.
  • Chronic disease treatment and support.
  • Pediatric Healthcare at home.
  • Arrange hospital direct admissions, avoiding waiting time.
  • Medical advocacy in the medical fields that our members need.
  • Patient portal has member access 24/7


Pharmacy delivery at no charge.

  • Epical HealthMed prescription program through EHM drug formulary list for cost saving rates.

Mobile imaging services at no charge, with cost saving rates.

Laboratory service

  • Local laboratory service, with cost saving rates.
  • Epical HealthMed laboratory program through EHM lab list for affordable price, and lab tests performed at home.