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Plans & Pricing

Use Epical HealthMed Plan as supplemental service to your primary Healthcare insurance at a low cost, or use Epical HealthMed as your primary care provider 24/7, that is 365 days a year, including holidays, just call 956.600.7258.

Epical HealthMed plan gives unlimited attention to regular treatment and urgent care where the patient condition cannot permanently impair or endanger the life of the patient on a convenient schedule and place for you; thus avoiding waiting time in the doctor’s office, ERs and hospitals, providing care for those that do not require being transferred to a hospital.


The member needs to request the Healthcare service within a50-mile radius around where the contract is signed in the United States.

Epical HealthMed is not Medical Insurance.


The Wellness and Consultancy Program

  • Initial visit
  • Gathering medical records

  • Healthcare management
  • Urgent care visit
  • Continuum care visit
  • Comprehensive annual wellness exam

Manage Care

  • Advocacy for Healthcare coverage system
  • Ensure the coordination of the medical service
  • Develop treatment plan
  • Referrals
  • Continuum care visit
  • Preadmission and discharge related to hospitalization
  • Second surgical opinion

Medical Care

  • Coordinated Healthcare
  • Chronic diseases
  • Pediatric health
  • Hospital admissions
  • Disease prevention
  • Medical advocacy
  • Home IV treatment
  • Second opinions

Patient Engagement

  • Same day appointment schedule
  • Home Visit/House Call
  • Ampletime during the health visit
  • Videoconference with EHM provider
  • Patient Portal
  • Preadmission and discharge related to hospitalization


Pharmacy Delivery Service

  • Epical HealthMed Prescription Program

Mobile Imaging Services

Laboratory Service

  • Local Laboratory Service
  • Epical HealthMed Laboratory Program:

    •  Bundle Lab

    •   Single Lab


  • Immediate and current access to patient’s medical history
  • Electronic health records
  • Lab reports
  • Requested prescription refills
  • Direct messaging to Healthcare provider
  • Print or download your own medical records