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Epical HealthMed is an innovated supplemental service to your Healthcare insurance, if you have insurance, or your complete primary care service for those who do not have access to Healthcare insurance.

With membership, the affiliates have regular checkups, home visits, urgent care visits, preventive Healthcare screening and Healthcare provider appointments in less than 24 hours, with no waiting time, and without feeling rushed during the visit while receiving the highest care of medicine.

The professional care of Epical HealthMed is the foundation for all services offered.

“Be the best option for patients through providing the highest quality of care, equally to everyone”.

  • Coordinated Care:

    Synchronize patient’s care with their specialists.

  • Chronic Disease:

    With an illness that is prolonged in duration and is rarely cured completely, the patient needs to have intensive health analysis andhave, as much information related to his/her needs, having the chronic disease under control.

  • Pediatric Health:

    Primary care concerned with the health of infants, children and adolescents, keeping their growth and development on track to achieve full potential as adults.

  • Hospital Admissions:

    Avoiding the use of emergency room (ER) department for hospitalization, we arrange direct admission to any hospital in the service area.

  • Prevention and Wellness:

    Health education program and activities directed at protecting patients from real or potential health threats, minimizing risk factors and promoting healthy behavior.ea.

  • Disease Prevention:

    Early detection of disease and reaction directing to avoid or minimize effects of disease and it progression.

  • Medical Advocacy:

    The patient will receive support by Healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose the patient conditions and to monitor progress while under treatment.

  • Home IV (Intravenous) Treatment:

    This is home therapy administrated intravenously forshort infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein as faster method to deliver fluids or medications throughout the body.

  • Second Opinion:

    We assist our patients to make informed decisions about their health problem and how to being treatment.

Initial Visit
This is a personalized visit; witch includes a comprehensive laboratory test for a deep understanding of our patient’s actual health status and medical needs.
GatheringMedical Record
Revise and collect any medical records from all specialist involucrate in the patient’ health.
Healthcare Management
Set up a individualize program for our patients’Healthcare conditions.
Urgent Care Visit
Assist patients with an illness or minor injuries, which do not represent to be lifethreatening. Urgent care visit is not a substitute for emergency care, where the patient condition can permanently impair or endanger the life of the patient.
Continuum Care Visit
This is an established visit to emphasis the continuum of our patient care, making sure than their health and medical problems are under control.
Comprehensive Annual Wellness Exam
Analyze and advise patients for the best possible health choices, emphasis on promoting health and preventing disease.
By using the correct combination of communication technologies and services, Epical HealthMed is positioned to tailor services to patients’ preferences.

Open Access: Depending the time of the request, the appointment is scheduled the same day butnot to exceed 24-hours after the initial call.


House Call: This is a primary service delivery where a health provider goes to see the patient in his or her own home or convenience location.


Flexible Time: No waiting time, and no pressure of time during the visit.


Video Session: Convenient videoconference with one of Epical HealthMedHealthcare provider at convenient hours.


Patient Portal: Through a secure online website which is compliant with HIPPA regulations to protect the patient privacy, the patient have convenient 24/7 access to personal healthinformation. Member information is accessible using an Internet connection with handheld devices such as smartphone, tablet or personal computer (PC). Also, allows the patient to interact and communicate with our health professional 24/7.


The secure patient portal provides services among as others:

  • Access to electronic health records
  • Direct messaging to Healthcare professional
  • Health education.
  • Immediate and current access to patient’ medical history
  • Lab report.
  • Mobil application.
  • Online patient registration.
  • Print or save you own medical record.
  • Request prescription refill(s)
  • Secure pay system.

Epical HealthMed has the deepest commitment to our members. We understand our patients’ comprehensive health needs and for this reason, our case manager will advocate for Healthcare coverage system options and try to find services to meet our patients’ health needs through communication, education and resources available.

Epical HealthMed’s social workers will assist our members with emphasis placed on quality of care, continuity of service(s) and cost effectiveness by:

  • Ensure the coordination of the medical service(s).
  • Planning treatment(s).
  • Referral(s).
  • Follow-up.

If the member is in need of hospitalization, please call at (956)600-7258 for our case management program for:

  • Preadmission involvement.
  • Concurrent review process and involvement.
  • Discharge planning.
  • Case management participation.
  • Second surgical opinion.

If the member needs Emergency care service, please call (956)600-7258 for:

  • ER visit involvement.
  • Discharge planning.
  • Case management participation.

We understand our members have the right to select their preferred ancillary service such as pharmacy, laboratories and imaging. Nevertheless, in the best effort to collaborate with our affiliates, we offer these services through our selected business partners, as independent businesses sharing the same vision and mission as Epical HealthMed. By providing our practice cost saving rates,we negotiate, to secure discounts on charges for the convenience of our members’ budgets.

Epical HealthMed membership fee does not include laboratory services, radiology imaging nor pharmacy services. We outsource the services to one of our business partners, and we do not collect such fee or reimbursement payment.

Pharmacy Delivery Service
Our patients have the right to choose the pharmacy of their preference, however, we offer pharmacy delivery service at no additional cost through one of the local pharmacy, which is an independent business partner offering cost saving rates to our members.

Epical HealthMed Prescription Program
In great effort to create value for our members, and responded to their needs, we have an alliance with a local pharmacy to create a very comprehensive drug formulary of commonly prescribed dosages with more than 150 medications, with a tiered level from $5-$30 per medication, which is affordable for our members.

The Epical HealthMed prescription program is a supplementary plan; where the member adds five dollars to their monthly fee, and they have access to an extensive prescription formulary for an affordable price; whether the medications are for a long-term management disease such as high blood pressure or antibiotic for sinus infection, with delivered service at no additional cost. This program needs to be chosen by the member during the enrollment period. Please refer to the list of drug formulary available in-house.

Note: Epical HealthMed reserves the right to modify the formulary at any time.

Mobile Imaging Services
Our members have the option to select any imaging center of their preference; however, we offer mobile imaging service through one of the local providers, which is an independent business partner, offering cost saving rates to our members.

At times,a digital image of the internal part of the body, produced by an X-ray is necessary to aid Healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose patient condition and to monitor their progress while undergoing treatment.

If imaging data is required by the Healthcare professional, during the home visit, they will arrange for mobile imaging service. With our members approval our imaging provider will contact the patient to schedule a visit in a timely manner of the request either routine or stat imaging service. The results will transfer electronically to Epical HealthMed and the results will be accessiblein less than 24 hours in the patient portal.

Laboratory Service
Sometimes evaluation of specimens is necessary to support Healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose patient conditions and to monitor their progress while under treatment. Epical HealthMed recognizes that our patients have the right to choose the diagnostic center of his or her preference; however, makes a great effort to create value for our members, and responding to their needs, Epical HealthMedoffers two different options for laboratory services:

  • Local Laboratory Service
    We offerlaboratory service through one of the local laboratory centers, which is an independent business partner, providing cost saving rates to our members. The patient needs to go to the laboratory facility for theirown services(s).
  • Epical HealthMed Laboratory Program
    In the best effort to provide a wide range of services for our members, Epical HealthMed selects the most utilized laboratory tests and creates a discounted charge for our members, offering laboratory service at home, and the laboratory results will accessible in less than 24 hours in the patient portal. Please refer to Epical HealthMed laboratory list in-house.

Epical HealthMed laboratory program is an additional plan, where the member chooses between two packages that we offer during the visit, adding the plan value of their choice.

Note: Epical HealthMed reserves the right to modify the list at any time.

Epical HealthMed Laboratory Plan

  • Bound Lab: For a single payment, the plan includes a lab test, or any combination of, laboratory tests stipulated on Epical HealthMed lab list. The test is required as per discretion of Epical HealthMed provider during the visit, whether one or several combination of tests orders by the provider. –Limited as per visit for laboratories stipulate on EHM list-
  • Single Lab: Unlimited use of any lab stipulated on EHM list, requested as per discretion of the Epical HealthMed provider, but the member will be charged per test performed during that visit at an affordable price, stipulated on EHM laboratory list.

Because Epical HealthMed is not a referral laboratory, we will not provide in-house laboratory services for any other provider outside ofEpical HealthMed. We will refer those cases to the place of preference of our member or to our independent business partners for outside requests.